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What is AGC?

The 2020-2021 AGC Board gets together to host a Zoom Vignette providing information for Fall recruitment! For more information about rush, visit our recruitment page!

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UCLA's Asian Greek Council is proud to announce our 4th Annual Asian American Mental Health Awareness Week!


Mental health is a part of everyone's life and can create unique challenges for us depending on our environment, cultures, and experiences. During week 4, AAMHAW aims to provide a community and a safe space to discuss the topic of mental health and increase its awareness in the Asian American Community. With such a large scope provided by the topic of mental health, our goal is to narrow it down and address how it manifests itself within the Asian American community, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. We hope to increase awareness by providing information, support, and a safe space. Though in recent times there has been increased awareness and acceptance, it is still difficult for many of us to not only share our struggles but also feel sincerely acknowledged. 


This year, our goal is to “Bridge the Generations” and share our experiences on the effects of intergenerational social, cultural, economic, and political discrepancies on mental health. In our workshops, we will focus on navigating through tough conversations with our families and practice healthy conversations. In lieu of the suspension of in-person meetings on campus, the student leaders of the AGC Board have worked hard to adapt AAMHAW into a completely virtual and online forum, while trying our best to retain the personalized and safe environments of our previous in-person events. Join us during week 4 as we explore and embrace our mental health journey as a community.


Event Schedule

Monday, 4/19 - Student Spotlights


Come and hear some fellow Bruins present on an array of mental health topics like how to be a good friend, self-care, signs of a toxic relationship, studying habits, navigating cultural disparities, positive affirmations, setting boundaries, and more.


Tuesday, 4/20 - Healthy Conversations Workshop with a guest speaker


Healthy conversations are pillars of healthy relationships with friends, family, and partners but they can be hard to have. We will be inviting a guest speakerto help you navigate those tough talks that make your relationships stronger.


Thursday, 4/22 - Destress Night


Take the night off and let some stress go in one of our five activity rooms: journaling, trivia, art, watch party, and ASMR.


These events are open to all UCLA students!

FB Event Link:
Zoom Link:


Career Series FB Cover.png

Hey Bruins, welcome back to school! The year just started, but if you want to hear more about life after UCLA, come to our Industry Expert Panels taking place this month. Alumni from UCLA’s Asian Greek Council will be coming to share their experiences and answer your questions about careers in healthcare, business, law, and more!


These events are open to all UCLA students!
Zoom Link:

AGC NSO Meet and Greet

Interested in Asian Greek Life? AGC will be hosting a meet and greet at the New Student Orientation! Come to our zoom meeting to see what our three organizations has to offer. You don't have to be Asian to join! Information on the dates and times of our meet and greet are provided above!


Join us at:

Asian American Mental Health Awareness W

Mental Health within the Asian American community is such an important topic that doesn’t get the attention it deserves. UCLA Asian Greek Council is super proud to announce that we are organizing our third ever Asian American Mental Health Awareness Week in order to create a space for discussion. Regardless of whether you are in Greek Life or not, we sincerely hope that you will join us starting May 18th to #breakthestigma

Check our Facebook event page for more details! 

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