The Asian Greek Council (AGC) is comprised of three historically Asian-founded fraternities and sororities. The Council serves as a governing body, which carries on a tradition of serving Asian American students and the community. The organizations exist with the pursuit of encouraging and supporting members of Asian ancestry toward cultural fulfillment and exploration, as well as creating greater awareness and inclusion of the student body. 


Throughout the academic year, the three organizations of UCLA AGC - Chi Alpha Delta, Theta Kappa Phi, and Omega Sigma Tau - are involved in many different social, academic, philanthropic, and athletic events with the goal of cultivating well-rounded and culturally aware Bruins. 

About Us

AGC council members and executives from the three organizations attended the 2017 Bruin G.O.L.D. Academy leadership retreat at the UCLA Lake Arrowhead Conference Center. (PC: Herman Lu)

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